Sonja Kass

302 Makani Rd.
Kapa'a, HI 96746

Phone: 808-652-0591


As a Senior Software Engineer and Web Designer, I have 14 years experience in development, 3 years in QA, and 8 years in web design. I have a wide variety of engineering and computer skills, from analysis, development, and programming to debugging, maintenance, reverse engineering, and redesign. I am a UNIX specialist, but I also have Mac and some Windows experience. I have restored integrity to several hacked or otherwise compromised networks, web spaces, blogs and computers. The ability to identify the source of problems and recommend correct solutions is one of my most valuable assets.

Software Experience


C / C++, PHP, Perl, shell scripting (Bourne Shell, C-Shell, bash)

Web Design:

HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, mySQL, some Javascript
Zenphoto (photo gallery tool), Highslide (slide show tool), Wordpress (Blog)


MySQL, Informix, MS-Access, Raima, Sculptor, DB-Vista
Database Languages: SQL, ESQL, ESQL-C, 4GL, Informix EC

Operating Systems:

Mac: OS X up to 10.5 (Leopard), also worked with the underlying Linux (Darwin)
UNIX: Solaris and SunOS (PC, Sparc), Linux, BSD, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, XENIX,...
Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, 95, Windows 3.11, MS-DOS

Relevant Skills

Software Redesign Problem Analysis
UNIX System Administration UNIX Software Development
Enhancement and Improvement
of Older Software
Programming and Coding
Web Design & Development Test and QA

Foreign Language Skills

Fluent in written and spoken German. Experience in translation to and from English.

Education (Austria)

BS equivalent in Computer Science at WIFI Graz Computer College & Technical University of Graz (1986-1988)


Austrian citizen, permanent US resident with green card.

History of Employment

Self Employed: 2003-present
Independent Computer Consultant, Webdesigner and Programmer

Designing, building and maintaining websites using PHP, MySQL, perl, bash, Wordpress, Zenphoto, Highslide, Photoshop, HTML, CSS and C. Security improvements, cleaning hacked webspaces.

See for examples of my work, more upon request.

One of my recent security projects involved clearing a hacked Wordpress blog (5000+ readers, sattan hack) and restoring the compromised webspace (no backup was available).

Sun Microsystems: QA and Release Engineer 2000-2003

QA and testing of Security Software (NSS), release building of most security components on 14 different platforms using C, shell, and Perl.

Developed a test framework that automatically ran full QA on nightly builds; I also set up 14 build and QA tinderboxes. Created tests that automatically generate HTML reports. Developed a distributed stress test, and worked on component management, especially a perl script to trace components.

TERADYNE: Senior Software Engineer 1997-2000

Development of Automated Test Systems, software implemented using Windows NT, Visual C++ and Visual Basic; also using UNIX (Solaris), shell scripting and Perl.

Developed an operating system for the I-960 embedded processor and wrote device drivers and hardware debug display GUIs. I also worked on the integration of hardware and software on the Flash 750 Memory Tester.

PM-DATA: Software Development Manager 1994-1997

Design, development and implementation of software, Solaris, SCO, Interactive & BSD UNIX. Languages: C, C++, Perl, UNIX Shell, MS-Access Basic.

Designed and developed a redundant gateway (one server plus a hot-standby, uptime of 99.99%) for SAT Automation (power plant automation, SCADA-Systems).

FOCUS EDV: Software Developer 1992-1993

Software development, redesign, Solaris, C, Informix, SQL, 4GL, ESQL-C

Repair and enhancements on municipal administrative software. Database redesign.

MS-UP: Software Engineer 1990-1992

Software enhancement and porting, redesign, UNIX System administration, C, Basic

BEL COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Software Engineer 1986-1990

Software design and development, XENIX, UNIX, C, Informix, Sculptor, SQL